Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Configuring your Stereo Receiver

The stereo receiver is a very versatile and powerful E-Stim substitute. Most E-Stim power boxes that you can buy only have two bi-polar outputs, all stereo receivers have at least four, which allows you to have more 'accessories' going at once. Most modern receivers have very high output levels (100+ watts per channel), which is far, far too much. With my 20 watt Pioneer, I can only handle up to a little over half, which only registers as around 2 watts on the meters. The solution: GO SLOWLY. By that I mean, when you have everything set up the way you want, and attached to the erogenous zone of your choice, turn the volume up very slowly. You might not feel it until you get to around a third of the volume of the reciever, but once you do, the sensation will grow in intensity very quickly. As far as settings go, the exact feeling that you will get will vary for every person, but generally, you will want to have the treble settings at max and the bass settings as low as possible if you want a pleasurable feeling. If you want a painful sensation (punishment?) then use maximum bass settings and minimum-mid treble settings. The bass is the sole determinant of the pain sensation, the treble will make the sensation stronger as well as increase the wattage of the output, so be sure to turn your treble all the way up BEFORE you start increasing the actual volume. I will generally talk about E-Stim in terms of pleasure, because that is what I use it for. If your receiver has a 'loudness' or 'bass boost', it is up to you if you want to turn it on or not, but generally, if it is 'loudness' I would turn it on, if it is 'bass boost', I would leave it off. To create different feelings, what you are listening to is the biggest determinant of sensation. If you just want a continuous stream of pleasure (which is what I use), set it to FM radio and turn it to the highest point on the band that you can (usually around 108.5). The idea is to get a signal of "pure static". If you want some oscillation, set it just close enough to a radio station to be able to hear some music or voices slightly, but mostly just static. If you want to use a song, iPod, radio station, or something that produces purely music, you will need the volume to be much lower, because it will get to a higher wattage much faster. Each of these two forms of inputs produces completely different sensations. the "pure static" is what I use for a continuous stream of pleasure that I can actually use to reach orgasm with absolutely no other stimulation. Music can cover a gigantic range of sensations. If you listen to actual songs, the oscillations will be different for every song, so feel free to experiment, but a word of caution: make sure that the songs all have the same volume level. iPods are notorious for having dozens of different volume levels for different songs, so be careful. Some more advanced techniques on creating your own audio routines to produce specific sensations will be outlined in a later post.

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