Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Connecting your Electrodes to your Receiver

To connect the two copper electrodes described in my first post on electrodes to your receiver, you will need speaker wire and electrical tape. In my opinion, the cheapest place to buy speaker wire is at an online vendor such as newegg.com or frys.com. However, Best Buy has pretty decent prices. I reccomend that you spend the extra few dollars and spring for monster cable. You want some pretty thick cable will a good amount of insulation, but this is completely up to you. I personally use Monster XPMS MKII, which is around $1/foot, unless you buy 100 feet for around $50 online at http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882155444&cm_re=speaker_wire-_-82-155-444-_-Product . The cheapest place that I have found to buy electric tape is Wal Mart. They have a pretty big role for $0.97. You will need to be able to strip speaker wire to do this, so you will also need strippers, or mad skills with a knife. You want to cut lengths of wire that are about as far as it is from the back of your receiver to where you will be sitting/standing while using it plus about 3 feet. You should strip one side of the cut length of cable back about 1/2" to connect to the receiver, and you will want to strip back about 1.5" on the end that is going to connect to the electrode. It needs to be able to wrap around the electrode. To connect the base electrode, you should bend the end in half, then put half of it on the inside of the pipe, and half of it on the outside. The end should be inside, and the side that goes to the receiver should be on the outside. To secure it, cut a piece of electrical tape the entire length of the stripped part of the wire. The tape should be placed at least 1/4" past the end of the wire on the inside of the pipe, and overlap on both sides of the wire evenly, the wrap it around to the outside and continue to make sure that the stripped wire is in the middle of the tape, being covered, so that your penis cannot come into direct contact with the wire. Once this is finished, you have the trickiest part. You need to wrap electrical tape around both sides of the copper pipe on the end. This is tricky, but the goal is to make it so that electrical tape is evenly lapped over both end parts of the pipe, with half the width of the tape on the inside, and half on the outside. After this is done, wrap around the inside of the pipe. Meaning, go all the way around on the inside with the full width of the tape, going to the very edge of the pipe on both ends, and securing the previously placed stips of tape on the inside. The last step is to Wrap around on the outside. The side without the cable running to the receiver only needs one wrap around on the outside, again all the way to the edge securing the strip that is half and half. The side witht he cable, you should wrap around the outside three times. All of these wraps should be tight as they are not intended to come off (if done properly). To connec the electrode for the head of the penis is much simpler. You just fold the stripped wire over such that on the inside, it goes up until it hits the part where the coupler gets smaller, and then the rest should be pressed flush on the ouside. Cut a strip of tape the length of the strip, and cover the wire long ways the same way you did on the base elctrode. Then wrap three times tightly around the bottom edge on the outside. Now, connect these to the receiver, and follow the steps in the reciever configuration post.


This is by far the most wide subject to discuss in relation to E-Stim. It is arguably the most important part of any setup. I will refer to all accessories as electrodes. Generally, electrodes can be anything that is a good conductor of electricity. My personal favorite is copper pipe. Copper is the second most conductive metal that is available, and it is definantly cheaper than silver, which is #1. Copper pipe is readily available in dozens of sizes, lengths, and maliablilities. I specialize in electrodes for the specific purpose of producing pleasure to the penis. The easiest and most effective setup for getting a penis pleasure is a copper pipe conversion coupler and a copper pipe cut to an appropriate length. The size of these electrodes will be based on the size of your penis. The best way to figure out what sizes you will need is to get a string or ribbon, or something that is very flexible, and use it to measure the circumference of your penis at specific locations. For the tube to go around the base of your penis, you should measure the circumference at the base, at 1 inch up, and at 2 inches up. The circumference that you choose to be the size of your pipe should be determined by how tight you want the pipe to be around your penis. If you want a relaxed fit, use the measurment at the base. If you want a 'hugging' fit, then you should use the measurment at 1 inch up (my recommendation). If you want a constrictive fit, then you should use the measurment at 2 inches up. To convert the circumference to the diameter, divide the circumference by pi (3.14159). Now, the sizes available at your local hardware store might not be exactly your measured diameter, but use your discression to pick a size. You will also need a saw of some kind to cut the pipe down to size. You will want to cut several sizes, I reccommend a 3", a 2", and a 1". That is your penis base electrode, to get your head electrode, measure and calculate the diameter of your penis just below the head, right as the head begins (at the 'bulge'), and at the tip. You want to find a copper pipe compression adapter that goes from around the size of the measurement at the bulge to the measurement right near the tip. For an average person, you will need either a 1" to 3/4" conversion coupler or a 3/4" to 1/2" coupler. With these two electrodes, you are ready to connect it to the reciever. There will be countless other posts on other forms of electrodes. But these are the basics, or essentials.

Configuring your Stereo Receiver

The stereo receiver is a very versatile and powerful E-Stim substitute. Most E-Stim power boxes that you can buy only have two bi-polar outputs, all stereo receivers have at least four, which allows you to have more 'accessories' going at once. Most modern receivers have very high output levels (100+ watts per channel), which is far, far too much. With my 20 watt Pioneer, I can only handle up to a little over half, which only registers as around 2 watts on the meters. The solution: GO SLOWLY. By that I mean, when you have everything set up the way you want, and attached to the erogenous zone of your choice, turn the volume up very slowly. You might not feel it until you get to around a third of the volume of the reciever, but once you do, the sensation will grow in intensity very quickly. As far as settings go, the exact feeling that you will get will vary for every person, but generally, you will want to have the treble settings at max and the bass settings as low as possible if you want a pleasurable feeling. If you want a painful sensation (punishment?) then use maximum bass settings and minimum-mid treble settings. The bass is the sole determinant of the pain sensation, the treble will make the sensation stronger as well as increase the wattage of the output, so be sure to turn your treble all the way up BEFORE you start increasing the actual volume. I will generally talk about E-Stim in terms of pleasure, because that is what I use it for. If your receiver has a 'loudness' or 'bass boost', it is up to you if you want to turn it on or not, but generally, if it is 'loudness' I would turn it on, if it is 'bass boost', I would leave it off. To create different feelings, what you are listening to is the biggest determinant of sensation. If you just want a continuous stream of pleasure (which is what I use), set it to FM radio and turn it to the highest point on the band that you can (usually around 108.5). The idea is to get a signal of "pure static". If you want some oscillation, set it just close enough to a radio station to be able to hear some music or voices slightly, but mostly just static. If you want to use a song, iPod, radio station, or something that produces purely music, you will need the volume to be much lower, because it will get to a higher wattage much faster. Each of these two forms of inputs produces completely different sensations. the "pure static" is what I use for a continuous stream of pleasure that I can actually use to reach orgasm with absolutely no other stimulation. Music can cover a gigantic range of sensations. If you listen to actual songs, the oscillations will be different for every song, so feel free to experiment, but a word of caution: make sure that the songs all have the same volume level. iPods are notorious for having dozens of different volume levels for different songs, so be careful. Some more advanced techniques on creating your own audio routines to produce specific sensations will be outlined in a later post.

The Basics

Electro-Stimulation (E-Stim) is the controlled use of electricity to provide sensations of pleasure and/or pain to a person. E-Stim can be produced using literally hundreds of thousands of different instruments, implements, power generators, and accessories. A 'professional' E-Stim setup will consist of a TENS or PES power box, which is basically just a machine that creates electrical impulses based on user input. The ones that have routines programmed into them for the specific purpose of erogenous E-Stim are very expensive and so are the electrodes, or accessories. You can buy these devices at websites such as http://www.sextek.com/ and http://www.extremerestraints.com/electrosex-gear_43/. Zeus makes three main power boxes, as does SexTek. The Zeus boxes are beginner level at best and are not recommended by professionals. However, the SexTek ET312B is the most renowned power box in the industry. If you have the money, by all means, I highly recommend that you buy a ET312B from the SexTek website. However, for those of us who do not have $400 to drop on just a power box, I would make the argument that any home stereo receiver, with a little work, can do almost the exact same thing. Most people have at least one of these huge boxes lying around the house somewhere. I do not recommend that you use a really heavy duty expensive receiver for E-Stim, but rather the cheapest, oldest one that you can find. I personally use a 1976 Pioneer SX-580, because its max output is 20 watts and it has a watt meter for both the left and right channels to let you know how much power you are using. But any receiver will work with a few tweaks. And as for the accessories, I will have dozens of posts up soon about all the different electrodes that you can make with things that you can buy at home improvement stores like Lowe's for less than $20. But generally, all you need to experiment with E-Stim is a stereo receiver, some speaker wire, something that conducts electricity, electric tape, and a power strip with a surge protector in it (so you don't fry yourself or your partner).